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What is tele-intervention?

Tele-intervention (TI) allows patients to receive services through a video connection. Clients sign into a no-cost video conference site and connecting with a service provider at Utah State University (USU).

Who can utilize tele-intervention?

The TI program at USU is for children and adults of all ages, including:

Why is intervention needed after receiving cochlear implants or hearing aids?

After receiving cochlear implants or hearing aids, the brain must learn a new way of listening to make sense of the sounds being heard.

What are the benefits of tele-intervention?

Are the services as beneficial as face-to-face services?

Research shows TI services offer equal or greater benefits than face-to-face services.

Do I need special equipment to sign up for tele-intervention?

All you need is a computer or a tablet device with a camera and access to the internet (internet service with minimum of 2.0 Mbps upload speed is preferred for optimal signal).

What is the cost for tele-intervention? Will my insurance cover it?

TI services may or may not be covered by insurance depending on provider and insurance plan. Payment options are available regarding discounts for payment in advance. Please see back of page for service delivery options and prices.


Ariel Hendrix
Tele-Intervention contact: Ariel Hendrix
Phone: (385) 988 - 0862

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